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La Iguana Perdida helps: Living green on Lake Atitlan

October 13, 2014

Living green is one of the prime goals on Lake Atitlan. Living a sustainable, eco-friendly way of life at La Iguana Perdida is something we strive to maintain.

Keeping close to the earth and helping to protect our beautiful lake is something we’ve been heavily involved in since La Iguana Perdida opened in 1996. The simplicity of the living here and the bare minimum of infrastructure in place means that people living here need to be creative and conscious when dealing with the products they consume.

Working with Amigos de Santa Cruz and Susanna Heisse of San Marcos based Pura Vida, La Iguana Perdida has been heavily involved with the production of eco-bricks, plastic bottles stuffed with our plastic rubbish that are then used to build schools, houses and eco- baños in the area.

 Eco-baño Santa Cruz Lake Atitlan

Not only does using the eco bricks provide us with a way remove the rubbish, it puts it to use. As well as being environmentally friendly it makes construction more cost effective for the poor communities around the lake. The bottle lined walls of an eco-brick building significantly reduces the amount of other building materials needed such as concrete, which makes construction more affordable and attainable while maintaining an international standard of construction.

Susanna Heisse of Pura Vida has been instrumental in taking this radical and innovative construction practice international. What has started out as a small project on Lake Atitlan Guatemala, has exploded into an environmental revolution around the globe. Eco-brick projects in the Himalayas, South East Asia and in Africa have taken off, and we here at la Iguana Perdida are proud to continue taking part in such an incredible movement towards sustainable living.

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